Palm Coast Park is bifurcated by US Highway 1, bordered on its western boundary by the Florida East Coast rail line and on its east boundary by Belle Terre Parkway. Palm Coast Park is designed to include single-family and multi-family residential neighborhoods and projects; commercial development, including a power center; an industrial park with rail access; an office park; a K-8 public school; a community park and several neighborhood parks; and 2 fire stations. The development tracts at Palm Coast Park are connected by a linear park that parallels both sides of US Highway 1 and features a 10-foot wide concrete multi-purpose trail with wooden bridges over intermittent wetlands. 

Remaining Entitlements                                                                                                                           Residential: 0 Units                                                                                                                                 Office: 670,000sf                                                                                                                                      Retail: 819,000sf                                                                                                                                Industrial: 600,000sf